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The Pride and Embarrassment

of the Victorian Time-Warp

Since mid-way through 2012 the band has consistently kept as its membership. Brad Baker, Alexis Lopez, Roger Martin, and Bryany Lopez.

Brad Baker- Guitar, Vocals

Alexis Lopez - Violin, Various small strings, Vocals 

Roger Martin - Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Vocals

Bryany Lopez - Percussion, Vocals

During the time the band has been together there have been other support musicians who have and will continue to appear in selected performances and on studio recordings.

Ian McMillan - Bass Guitar

Brandon  Simoes - Keyboards

Timothy Weid - Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar

The Porter's Ghost sound is produced by Ian McMillan - Approved Jams Productions

About the Band


Porter's Ghost is currently recording the second studio album "This Band of Gypsies"

The release date of September 2014 as been indefinitely extended.

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